Action/Outdoor Photography

You know how you like some parts of your business better than others? It’s the same with us and nothing gets to the core of our business better than our action and outdoor photography. We grew up on this stuff. Everyone on our crew had their earliest published photos from the race track, the hockey rink or the dunes.

We know machines and the outdoors and we’re comfortable with both. We have extensive experience at the track, on the dunes and in the air. We shoot vehicle-to-vehicle, boat-to-boat and helicopter to all of the above.

There are distinct techniques for shooting at the track, on the water, in the snow and on the sand. It takes different shutter speeds and angles to really make the viewer see the sport the way you do.

A good photographer can make you fly higher, drift cleaner and hit higher speeds by really knowing action photography. Yeah, we have the best cameras and lenses but knowing where to be and when to catch that moment of perfect counter steer, highest arc and biggest roost – that takes know-how and we’ve got it in spades.

Air born ATV
Baja Protruck Off-Road Racing Series team meets with Ivan Stewart at a session in Havasu
Truck testing in muddy water