Event Photography

Event photography is about so much more than what's going on up on the stage or down on the track. It's also about people having fun. It's about all of the people, pros and volunteers, that put on the event. It's about the food and the weather.  It sees the reason for the gathering from the best possible light.

Our crew has plenty of experience covering events on both a grand and an intimate scale. To get a feel for one of our largest event photo projects check out Crusin' the Coast in Mississippi. Our team covered the event for the event organizers for several years. Sure, we captured lots of cool classic cars - we are automotive specialists - but we also caught live music acts, auctions and impromptu beach parties. In venues all along the Gulf Coast over a week we covered trophy presentations, burn out contests and swap meets. We caught cars crusin Hwy 90 and parked at the drive-in. Our photos show families enjoying great food and young lovers dreaming of their own classic car some day. CTC used our photos each year for the next year's promotional materials, for press releases and posters, for presentations to secure new sponsors.  And they kept asking us back year after year. Good memories well documented to the last day when we even had a shooter in a helicopter getting aerials of the closing ceremonies.

We've covered the SEMA Show for SEMA at the largest aftermarket automotive gathering of them all. Following Jay Leno on his private viewing and hangin' with Snoop Dog as he checks out his favorite rides was only a part of the celebrity photo ops. Press conferences, award presentations and the overall feel of the show. Plus cars, cars and more cars.

Excellent event photography looks at the party from lots of different perspectives. It sees the smiling lady taking tickets and the enthusiastic young man parking cars in the field.  It sees the bike at its highest jump and the Jeep in the deepest of mud. It takes a team and it takes experience. Not everyone can catch that Off Shore Race Boat from a helicopter. There is some skill involved.

Jeep in deep mud hole
Photographers Bruce Smith and Larry Walton
Mark Walton event photography
Mark Walton photographer
Larry Walton of Editorial Services West
Editorial Services West helicopter photography