Lifestyle Photography

You already know there’s big difference between a photo of your product and one that shows someone really enjoying your product in use.

Getting your message to family oriented consumers involves showing a family enjoying an activity together. It could be your generator with a family enjoying a meal at a remote picnic table. Perhaps your flotation device is giving parents peace of mind on the water or your light bar is keeping them safer on a country road.

Want to reach hunters? Our Hunting Lifestyle Photography shows hunters pursuing a variety of game including upland birds, water fowl, varmints, predators and big game such as deer, elk and bear. Depending on your needs, we put our hunters in trucks and blinds or on ATVs and trails. We are hunters. We know hunting.

Want to reach fishing enthusiasts? We know fishing as well. We’ve got the Pacific Ocean, lakes and rivers right here in our giant studio. We work with bass fishing enthusiasts and pros, steelhead fishing guides and salmon charter boat captains. We tow and test boats along with our truck testing. Fishing lifestyle lives here.


Lifestyle photography is powerful, which is why getting it right is an art form. The biggest challenge is making it genuine and appealing with the right people doing real stuff. We’ve all seen the extremes of too real with blue tarps and yesterday’s takeout containers cluttering the shot and “really, that guy has never seen a fishing pole in his life.”

Some companies try to cut corners by putting admin staff around the truck in the parking lot, which you can do, by the way, if you have a great parking lot. The shipping containers may be a clue that this not really hunt camp.

Two things make our lifestyle photos work so well: Real Settings and Attention to Detail

Real Settings

Real settings come natural here in our sparsely populated and beautiful Oregon. Did you know we have six distinct climate zones in our state? Each has its own distinct feel. We have desert, beach, dunes, rain forest – you name it. And all types are within a couple of hours of our centrally located home town of Eugene.

When we do our lifestyle shoots, we choose rivers, lakes and beaches, sand, mud, snow or dirt that it the right fit to show off our subject. We work with our clients to get the feel they want in settings.

Attention to Detail

Rarely is a lifestyle shoot just about the product and a model or two. There are hundreds of other details to consider. This is why we try to actually go camping, hunting, fishing, riding, or racing to get the shots we need. In this way, we are naturally starting with the gear we need to do the activity. Usually all of the pieces we need are in place because we have real fishermen using the gear they really use to do their thing or dune riders equipped with flags and fire extinguishers leaving the staging area in a safe manner just like they do every weekend.

Even so, a practiced eye needs to make sure there are no distracting logos on kids’ shirts, that the gas cans are in a safe place, helmets and seat belts are properly buckled, gauges in the shot display the right numbers – you name it. Details, details. details. When we go over our shot list, we coach all of the team members including photographers, logistics people, prop stylists and even the models to keep an eye out for details.

When you have all of these components going into a shot, you better get it right in the short window of good shooting light you have.

Lighting is everything in a lifestyle shoot. Hunters in morning or evening light. Back lighting for maximum dirt and dust effect. Side light for contour and visual impact and sweet light to make vehicles look their very best.

Lifestyle photography – go big, go real and go home knowing you’re showing your client’s product in the best possible light.