Public Relations

Cost effective, positive publicity – that’s what ESW Public Relations and Media Relations are all about.

Business owners are well aware that they can buy advertising in a variety of media outlets including TV, radio, print, web and billboard. But what about the tons of positive publicity enjoyed by a handful of companies that always seem to be in the news? It’s not luck, it’s a smart investment in Public and Media Relations.

Getting your company and products talked about in a positive light can be done in a growing variety of ways and a good PR firm like ESW can help you be very effective in reaching your intended audience while reducing your advertising budget. Here’s how:

Press Releases
We write and distribute press releases to get the word out about your products and company news of interest. Well written and relevant press releases are picked up by journalists who need the information you are supplying. You pay us to write and distribute the press release but you do not pay to have the information published, which is why it is so cost effective.

Our press releases are built for the media. Because we’ve put in our time as writers, photojournalists and editors, we know what writers, photojournalists and editors need to get the job done. They want compelling content to inform and entertain their audience. They want easy-to-access information that relates to their media outlet. They want properly sized and formatted photography and video clips that can be used with a minimum of editing – video clips that can be linked, embedded or hosted on their own server.

We also supply journalists with a number of tools that ensure that your press release or product information will be published. They get pre-written titles, headlines, subtitles and headings. They get a full set of tags and keywords. They get social media tools with turn-key tweets, links and facebook posts.

Each of our press releases goes out to a custom selected group of journalists that specialize in the very product, industry or audience you want to reach. In this way, we build confidence with them that they will get something they need when they open the email or click on the link.

Product Images and Information
Journalists are constantly on the lookout for Product Images and Information to fill buyer’s guides and product showcases. We make sure they know about your products and we deliver the information in a voice that matches their audience, in a word count that matches their project and with images that fit their format.

Product for Editors
We help you connect with key writers and editors that want hands-on experience with your product. Often the expense you have in manufacturing (your cost) and shipping the product is minimal compared to an ad purchased in the same outlet. In addition, your product or service is highlighted in an editorial context which readers and viewers accept as less bias than an advertisement. This all adds up to a good deal of impact.

We can help make these editorial reviews of your product possible by approaching the appropriate editor in terms he’ll get right away.

Availability to the Media
We can help you develop a media friendly interface where journalist will be glad to come and find information about your company, products and industry. We’ll help you make images and video clips available. We’ll help arrange and walk you through interviews with key people in your company.

ESW Gets You in the News
As journalists, our PR experts have been on the A-List for automotive and outdoor press events and we can prove it with hundreds of published articles. We know what journalists want and what they expect. We also know how to get their attention and how to make it easier for them to feature your products.

You’ve heard it said, “You can’t buy publicity like that.” But we are here to say, “Yes you can, right here at ESW.”

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