Tech Photography

Good tech photography is an excellent way to communicate complicated ideas. You can do more with a glimpse from the right perspective than a myriad of words could describe.

Good tech photography can be very challenging, which is one of the reasons we like doing it so much. Getting a camera into a tight spot, lighting the subject right and showing enough context to make sense to the viewer all with minimal disruption to the technician takes a serious combination of skill sets.

Plenty of photographers can quickly learn to light single products or parts in the controlled environment of the studio, but try catching that part being installed while wedged under a truck frame looking under a mechanic’s armpit while not casting shadows from suspension components, hoses and wires when the multiple flash units fire. Did I say, “fun?” Yup!

It definitely helps that our shooters are mechanics and carpenters themselves. As such we can often anticipate the tech’s next move and actually literally shed some much appreciated light on the project. We also are not intimidated with the shop setting and all the noise and dirt that goes with it.

To this add unique challenges of going full surround soft light to eliminate shadows to the subtle flame of a lighter heating shrink tubing or the brilliant light of a TIG weld in process all on one project in a matter of minutes. You better know what you’re doing or you’ll miss half the shoot!

Our tech photography is frequently published in national magazines covering the automotive, outdoor, construction and home improvement industries. Companies seek us out for projects that involve not only our proven technical skills but also the ability to operate within the blue collar world of mechanics, construction workers, loggers and miners.

Tech Photography – it’s not for everyone but it is for us. Get it done right with a shooter from Editorial Services West.

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