This is Bliss 1.3

Side-by-Side owners parked in front of the Oxbow Diner in Bliss, Idaho.
Breakfast in Bliss!

When a group of Off-road enthusiasts decided to take a ride to Jarbidge, Nevada, they chose Bliss, Idaho as the starting point. Large truck stop areas and excellent restaurants make Bliss the ideal staging area for outdoor adventure. Grab a bite at the Oxbow, leave your truck and trailer and head off into adventure!

Over the river and through the sage brush from Bliss, Idaho

Bliss is located on the canyon rim so it’s a short ride down and across the river to all points south for adventure.

Sdie by side adventure south of Bliss, Idaho
All systems go for off-road adventurers south of Bliss Idaho.
Jeep south of Bliss Idaho
Polaris RZR south of Bliss
Off to Jarbidge, Nevada!
Polaris Ranger south of Bliss
Using the ranch Ranger for a fun run from Bliss to Jarbidge.

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