Sometime when you have the time, research the movies you find to be the most visually stunning. Those where the scenes have amazing lighting and the images draw you in with just the right framing, focus and depth of field. The chances are quite good that the director has a background in still photography.

That’s one of the strengths we bring to the video screening. Accomplished photographers often make great videographers. When lighting, framing, perspective and depth of field are critical to the shot, you want a shooter that understands photography.

Today’s DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras can capture video. That’s a big deal because it means we can use our pro-level cameras and all of our lenses to tell the story with the same control over aperture and focal lengths that we have been applying our entire careers.

The results are remarkable and our clients have been very happy with their projects.

We are relatively new to video work and are still learning the nuances of sound capture and video editing, which is why we are careful not to promise more than we can deliver. We are particularly good at tech videos and action sequences for the same reasons we excel at still photography in those areas.

Photographically compelling imagery, solid script writing, natural narration and skilled on-camera personalities – these are our strengths in videography.

Check out some of our projects and let us know how we can help make your next video an important part of your web presence.